Center for Employment and Business Development Renovation

CEBO Renovation.jpgLittle City is extremely grateful for the generous contributions from the Greater Chicago Club Managers Association. The GCCMA has partnered with Little City to renovate Little City’s Center for Employment and Business Opportunities. The building, once the renovation is complete, will allow for additional classrooms for employment training, provide "virtual" spaces that mirror actual work environments and allow the number of participants to grow. While details are still being finalized, renovations will also include more windows for natural light, carpeting, and a lounge area.

Little City is honored to be the recipient of this renovation and thankful for the strong relationship with GCCMA. In addition to the coming renovation, the GCCMA developed a 10-session, Culinary and Kitchen Arts Program for participants at Little City, which resulted in the first graduating class in 2017 and community jobs for some of the students. The organization also funded a restaurant training center at Little City, which will host another Culinary and Kitchen Arts Program in the winter of 2018.


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Rachel, Mother of children receiving home-based support services